In conjunction with the 21st World Congress of Dermatology in Buenos Aires in 2007, both of the Alfred Marchionini Prizes will once again be awarded to distinguished dermatologists.

                                                              Alfred Marchionini Gold Medal

                                                           AlfredMarchionini Research Prize

The recipient of the Alfred Marchionini Gold Medal will be chosen by the vote of the international board of the Alfred-Marchionini-Stiftung (Alfred Marchionini Foundation).

The winner of the Alfred Marchionini Research Prize receives € 10,000. Nominations can be made by members of the executive committee, dermatology department chairmen, directors of research institutes, scientific societies, and from the foundation itself. 

Candidates should be young researchers (residents or junior faculty) in the field of skin biology. They can come from the medical field (including dentistry and veterinary medicine) as well as from biochemistry or biopharmacology. Citizens of all nations are eligible.

Key points in the evaluation include the character of the individual, the interest in international exchange in dermatology, and the scientific standards of their work, which must occupy a prominent place in medical science.

The nomination must give an overview of the candidate and address these specific points. In addition, the committee should be provided with sufficient reprints and other scientific material to assist in its evaluation.

Nominations for the Alfred Marchionini Research Prize can be submitted until 31 December 2006 to the executive committee:

Vorstand der Alfred-Marchionini-Stiftung zur Förderung der medizinischen Wissenschaft

Danziger Str. 5

D-21465 Reinbek